Here is a list of projects I've published. Browse around the projects and keep looking back. I've been working on projects for decades and have only recently begun publishing them. At any given moment, I'm in the midst of polishing up another project to publish. I'll be publishing projects from command line developer tools to financial applications to IDE like applications to generate code for you, as well as some "super secret" projects in the works that I hope will make a big difference.

CommandLine Component

This is my first published project and is a NuGet package that makes writing command line applications remarkably easy. Each CLI app that you write will have a built-in help facility and a consistent user experience. You can implement a command line in web apps and WinForms apps too!

Command Line »

What's Next?

Coming next will likely either be a log file merger application or a desktop application that looks similar to Visual Studio that will generate the .Net source code for your data layers from MS SQL Server tables and/or ColdFusion source code.